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recorded and copyright 2015


released August 14, 2015




all rights reserved


The Lovely Realm Raleigh, North Carolina

The Lovely Realm is a project of Justin's. No labels, no images, no aspirations other than making music true to self here.

The EP's here are generally mixed, but unmastered. If that's something you'd like to do, you can contact below.
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Track Name: LORD Give Me Super Power
When I wake in the morning
and open my eyes
If I can move the dish by thinking,
if I can fly -
I'd go to the evil
I'd go over the world
I'd save the martyrs
I'd say Your words

Would I be like a mutant -
or maybe superman?
Or maybe like green lantern
And recharge from Your guiding hand.

Lord give me super power
Let evil be devoured
fist bump
Lord give me super power
They'll know Your name and cower

And then...SHATTER
Into molecular pieces
With my God given telekinesis
Fire fire, burn with desire
Death throws of the Evil Empire
The world is fallin' down
I just pray it ain't to late to turn it around

If I asked on the sand
Would You make me aquaman?
Or maybe teleport
And ability like the human torch
Track Name: End Times Come to Jesus Moment
Undeserved self accolades over you
And run a fact-check on the lies you call 'proof'
You'll find
No light

You didn't know me now
I never saw you anyhow
Running away

I have read the prophets lines
I know what they say of
end times

An ancient story
told very well
All those losers talked of
a burning hell
But now the world is burning
And it ain't fair.
It's like I knew about it
But didn't care

like I knew about it
Track Name: Rainbow Bridge
I'd last seen my friend at the start of summer
He ain't no pet, he's kin, like no other
I looked in his eyes, had a good cry
Then I said good-bye
Hands locked up and give it some prayer time
With the I AM i'm sure I know he's fine
Did he see his friends?
What does he see?
Can he get a message from me?
I'll see you when its my time
Till then I'll miss you
That day

Over over over the rainbow
Is it there, I don't know, no
Some day again I know we will meet
And bask in the bliss of the LORD's eternity
And we'll be with friends and never again
Will I need to miss you