keep it hot EP

by The Lovely Realm

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released April 22, 2014

All songs by Justin
© The Lovely Realm 2014



all rights reserved


The Lovely Realm Raleigh, North Carolina

The Lovely Realm is a project of Justin's. No labels, no images, no aspirations other than making music true to self here.

The EP's here are generally mixed, but unmastered. If that's something you'd like to do, you can contact below.
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Track Name: Keep it Hot
ground swell, ground swell
price cut, the fandom sells
clearance rack sparks
torch the empty shelves down
to keep up with the times
now Jezebel's got 'em under her spell
rocking them to sleep and dragging them to hell
there they go
on their tippy toes
so get your pistol packed
and put up your maybes
we don't water it down and get lazy
to speak the truth
you've been warned
we ain't born to the Lord
to conform and get lukewarm

the One among the lampstands
with stars in His hand
the Spirits of God
the beginning and end
Who says "I come quickly"
with a sword in His mouth
bringing a war,
coming down from the clouds
'how about that cloud!'
anyone and everyone will see it the same
Selah. In His Name
playing the name game
playing the same game
playing the fame game
playing the blame game

keep it hot
Track Name: Of Prophets
i'm not lost in philosophy
i've seen the edge of earth's policy
can't never take my mind off He, the
True Word

i've got a front seat
it only cost me a week's martyrdom

i've got a notion you should know
hell only takes you if you want to go

it's all i've seen
but it's only just a little bit of something i'll write

i look back and tomorrow's gone
i was there when you were gone
they'll say i'm crazy -
it's in my head
you'll know the True Word
when you are dead
Track Name: Closed Doors
i could never second guess You Lord
when i look for a sign to guide me on
did i fall?
have i strayed?
every path i think You lead me,
standing in the way are
closed doors
i'll keep on knocking like before